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Vitality and simplicity move me. The colors on a leaf, the season of the year in which trees bloom, a single line that inspires a gesture or a new language. Those things make everything else happen.

María Wright
Illustrator & designer
Flap Jackie Studio


Enquiries about comissions, jobs or any quircky fact to
Flap Jackie Studio
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maria Wright - PH Veronica Tello


  • Product

  • Infographics

  • Mural art

  • Scientific Illustration

  • Lettering

  • Packaging

  • Collaborations

Graphic design

  • Brand

  • Identity

  • Editorial

  • Stationery

  • Posters

  • Flyers

  • Cards

Big projects

  • I work on big scale design projects, such as Museum identities, a single exhibition design, or a redo of existing projects. The designs are developed from scratch or to work in an existing visual system and space.


  • "Drawing has to do with becoming, with becoming, a madman, an animal, a mountain." - John Berger, Essays on drawing.
    Animal Color: animal color and drawing: Graphite and watercolor technique.
    Florilegium: botanical drawing and color.

Working with María from Flap Jackie Studio is a pleasure.
Super retailer in everything she does, responsible and very fast delivery time.
Always predisposed in favor of improving the product / work. She helped me give order to my project, redirecting aesthetics to enhance my brand. I recommend!

- Majo Lopez Claro

Owner of Casa Demetra Ali

María Wright is an excellent illustrator and designer. For our research team she made didactic materials in an indigenous language to use in schools with native population, her illustrations are beautiful and have been very appreciated by the community. She is also very open to comments, dialogue and the exchange of ideas, was modifying the materials to accommodate the suggested changes.
We will continue working with her in the future.

- Silvia Hirsch

Proyecto de Investigación de Ciencia y Tecnología: Estudio del léxico tapiete (tupi-guaraní). Universidad Nacional de San Juan.

Maria is excellent. Both in design and illustration she has gone beyond my expectations, to the point that today I ask for something and I trust blindly. She has a distinctive style and that makes one have a unique and unrepeatable work.

Ver proyecto

- Caro Lascialanda

Owner of Membrillo Props, and Caro Lascialanda Fotografía